my books


I have written three children's books: "Pippalapop" published in South Africa, "The Kitty Who Lost His Purr" self-published in Israel and "The Kvetchit" published in the US and Israel.

The Pippalapop Omnibus

A children's book of two stories about a squirrel who lived at the Cape in the 1600's...and his descendents who now populate all the parks in Cape Town. Based on stories told by my father, Mark Butchins.

The Kitty Who Lost His Purr

A children's story of a kitty who lost his purr, and his adventures in trying to find it: only to discover it was waiting for him in the place he loved best. Written and illustrated by Larry Butchins.

The Kvetchit

A "Kvetch" is a complaint, a moan, a groan, a whine. This Hanukkah tale describes a young boy's surprise in finding a "Kvetchit" - a mythical, moaning creature who sends him on a quest to find the Best 20 Kvetches ever...